Student Presentations

Smrami Patel presenting “Significance of Grey Matter Loss on Functional Recovery After Acutely Cervical Spinal Cord Injury” (2022)

Abigail Bondurant & Natalia Ochoa-Zavala with Dr. Ellenbogen (2022)

Julia Walker with Dr. Ellenbogen (2022)

Justin Del Cid presenting “Preliminary Studies of Microglial Activation in a Piglet Model of Gut-Brain Axis Inflammation” (2022)

Yasha Chapman presenting “Methylprednisolone Increases Tissue Sparing after Cervical Spinal Cord Injury in Rodents” (2021)

Bronya Sandorffy & Duke Escobar presenting “Stroke Biomarker Discovery: The Search for Cerebral 'Troponin” (2021)


Afua Tiwaa presenting “Surveying pre-processing techniques for cortico-cortical potentials collected from direct electrical stimulation of the cortex” (2021)

Natalia Kadolph & Citlali Mendez presenting “The Use of Ultrasound for Imaging and Stimulating Peripheral Nerve” (2021)


Alumni Presentations

Class of 2018:

Mariam Benazouz and Ai Vy Nguyen (Kalume Lab)
“The Effects of Melatonin and DSIP in Sleep and Epilepsy of SCN1A Mouse Model”

Brandon Carlson-Clarke (Ellenbogen/Zhang Lab)
“Glioblastoma Treatment via Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Therapy”

Emele Chaddock (Coppel Research)
“Measuring athletes' psychological readiness when returning to sport”

Rachel Chernoff (Garden Lab)
“Characterizing the source of microglia proliferation after ischemic preconditioning”

Layla Jamil (Crane Lab)
“Metabolism Gene Expression by Macrophages within the DIPG Tumor Microenvironment" 

Chuc Le (Hofstetter Lab)
“Imaging and modifying blood flow in the rodent spinal cord after traumatic injury”

Marjan Moghaddam (Ramirez Lab)
“Intermittent Hypoxia Disrupts Adult Neurogenesis in the Dentate Gyrus”

Nelly Nouboussi (Hofstetter Lab)
“Is extracellular matrix necessary and sufficient to induce inflammatory response in the CNS?”

Irem Onalan (Saigal Lab)
“Applications of Polypyrrole Electrodes and Electrical Stimulation in Optimizing Bone Fusion”

Quynh Pham (Lein Lab)
“Epigenetically Profiling Neuronal Cell Type Populations Utilizing ATAC-Seq”

Michael Sikora II (Crane Lab)
“Effects of Metabolic Conditions on Gene Expression of Macrophages”

Nathan Toenjes (Ramirez Lab)
“Understanding the Cellular Mechanisms of Opioid-Mediated Respiratory Suppression”

Valeria Vazquez-Trejo (Aliseda/Kim/Levitt Lab)
“Effects of coil deployment for treatment of intercranial aneurysms on hemodynamics”

Chloe Winston (Garden Lab)
“A Fate Mapping Study to Detect the Existence of Microglia Progenitors in the Healthy Mouse Brain”

Class of 2011:

Sophia Hannaford (Shain Lab)
“Confocal Microscopy”

Alena Kantor (Ramirez Lab)
“Integrative Brain Research”

Maggie Khu (Ramirez Lab)
“The Singer and the PreBotzinger Complex”

Rajiv Iyengar (Horner Lab)
“Glaucoma Research”

Sanja Ramirez (Morrison Lab)
“Abnormalities in mitochondrial proteins of AD patients”

Christopher Welsh (Morrison Lab)
“Controlling Mitochondrial Fission”

Anthony Wohns and Dennis Wang (Ojemann Lab)
“Different types of Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)”

Suk-Lin Zhou (Ramirez Lab)
“Effects of Acute Intermittent Hypoxia (AIH) in Swiss CD-1 Wild Mice”