Program PIs and Mentors

The principal goal of the summer program is to provide students with a core experience in basic neuroscience with a strong influence of translation to solving important clinical needs. Faculty includes research scientists, physician-scientists, and physicians. Below is an overview of the faculty mentors available to guide students in program labs:

Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, FACS (Program Director)
Area of Research/Practice: Molecular Imaging/Targeted treatments of brain tumors, TBI

Christine Mac Donald, PhD (Program Co-Director)
Area of Research/Practice: Advanced MRI methods applied to traumatic brain injury (TBI) research

Alberto Aliseda, PhD
Area of Research/Practice: Fundamental problems in fluid mechanics that arise in turbulent and complex, unsteady flows

Samuel Browd, MD, PhD
Area of Research/Practice: Hydrocephalus and development of new shunt designs for controlling intracranial pressure

Manuel F. Ferreira, MD, PhD
Area of Research/Practice: Genetic determinants of aneurysm formation and meningioma

Patrick Fillingham PhD
Area of Research/Practice: Computational fluid dynamics research for all aspects of neurosurgery with a particular focus on cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease

Jeff Herron, PhD
Area of Research/Practice: Translational restorative neurosurgery including BCI technology and “closed loop” deep brain stimulator systems

Christoph Hofstetter, MD, PhD
Area of Research/Practice: Development of novel minimally invasive motion preserving spinal procedures.

Franck Kalume, PhD                                                                                                                
Area of Research/Practice: Dravet Syndrome, Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy

C. Dirk Keene, MD, PhD
Area of Research/Practice: Development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for neurodegenerative disease

Zin Khaing, PhD
Area of Research/Practice: Biomaterials, Neuroimmunology and Stem Cells for Repair Strategies in the Central Nervous System

Louis Kim, MD
Area of Research/Practice: Patient outcome measures and refinements in surgical and endovascular techniques in aneurysm, AVM, skull-based tumor, and cavernous malformation surgery.

Andrew Ko, MD
Area of Research/Practice: Deep brain stimulation, functional neurosurgery, epilepsy and pain

Ed Lein, PhD
Area of Research/Practice: Using high-resolution anatomical transcriptome data to understand the molecular and cellular architecture of the mammalian neocortex and hippocampus

Michael Levitt, MD
Area of Research/Practice: Translational efforts to understand how cerebral aneurysms form, grow and rupture

Jeffrey Ojemann, MD
Area of Research/Practice: BCI using surface cortical recordings– electrocorticography (EcoG)

Anoop Patel, MD
Area of Research/Practice: Analysis of Glioblastoma Cell Hierarchy with Single Cell Transcriptome Sequencing and Genome Wide Chromatin Profiling

James Pridgeon, MHA
Area of Research/Practice: Research Administration, Global Health Research Capacity Building

Jan “Nino” Ramirez, PhD
Area of Research/Practice: Animal models of human conditions including sleep apnea, SIDs, and epilepsy; optogenetics

Melanie Walker, MD
Area of Research/Practice: Autologous mitochondrial transplantation for acute ischemic stroke, intra-arterial chemotherapy and chemoembolysis of head and neck cancers, analysis of intravascular clots

Miqin Zhang, PhD
Area of Research/Practice: Nano-particles directed toward brain tumor treatment