Diagnostic Services

A brain SPECT, or Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography, scan is used to detect altered blood flow in the brain. A SPECT scan is a nuclear medicine exam that uses a radioactive compound to diagnose some diseases of the brain. It is a form of radiology because radiation is used to capture pictures of the human body.
Computed tomography angiography, or CTA, is a safe outpatient procedure that helps locate and capture images of an aneurysm in the brain. This technology uses specially designed X-rays and intravenous dyes or contrast agents to see the detailed anatomy of the blood vessels throughout the body.
The UW Medicine Pituitary Program at Harborview offers state-of-the-art neuroradiology services to detect pituitary tumors.
The cerebrovascular lab offers a variety of tests for the assessment of cerebrovascular disease. These tests are painless, require no patient preparation and give the neurosurgeon information concerning the blood vessels that supply the brain.