Research Labs

Zhang Lab members under a cherry tree
The Ellenbogen/Zhang lab's research is geared toward developing materials and devices for biological and medical applications.
Carolina Da Silva Parada at work in the Ferreira Lab
The Ferreira lab focuses on the exome sequencing of growth hormone secreting adenomas as a discovery set.
Picture of microscope
Dr. Hofstetter's research lab investigates various experimental treatment strategies to enhance nerve fiber plasticity and regeneration following spinal cord injury.
Dr. Kalume in his lab
The Kalume Laboratory investigates the mechanisms that drive epilepsy and related conditions, with the goal of making discoveries that lead to improved treatments for affected children and adults.
Picture of brain imaging headset
The Mourad Lab's active areas of research and development involve the medical applications of physics. The primary focus is ultrasound and recently, near-IR and terahertz radiation.