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COVID-19 Information for UW Medical Students

Neurological Surgery Clerkships

There are several different clerkships offered by the Department of Neurological Surgery.

Neurological Surgery is a wonderful field, and we are pleased to have you join us. We will provide you with a good foundation for further study and knowledge that you will use throughout the remainder of your medical career.

In addition to the requirements described here, attitude, interest and effort are all essential for a good 4-week clerkship.

Students with any concerns should feel free to contact the clerkship or site directors. It is our sincere goal to make the Neurological Surgery clerkship exciting, fun, educational, rigorous, and fair. Another avenue for concerns about the learning environment is

UWSOM clerkship policies


Contact Information

Program Director and Chairman:
Dr. Richard G. Ellenbogen

Clerkship Directors:
Ali Ravanpay, MD, PhD

Robert Bonow, MD

Clerkship Coordinator:
Julie Bould
Office: (206) 897-5732

Student health related information

The UWSOM supports students’ access to healthcare and strongly encourages them to obtain and maintain health insurance while enrolled at the UWSOM. The consolidated content on the links below has been created by collaboration between students and the UWSOM student affairs to ease of referencing for student related health information. All three sources will be updated centrally by student affairs and the Student Committee on Healthcare Access (SCoHA). If you have questions regarding the content, please reach out to

Student Health Insurance

Healthcare Access for Medical Students

SOM-Telehealth Program for Medical Students