The Department of Neurological Surgery is dedicated to the best in patient care, research, and teaching. We owe much of what we achieve to the support of a generous community — to the support of people like you.

Donations help support patient- and family-centered care, breakthroughs in medical research, and the training of tomorrow’s physicians. And by giving — perhaps in gratitude for care, or in memory of a loved one — you can help improve the lives of your friends, your family, and your region.

If you would like to be our partner in improving health and changing lives, we recommend one of the funds listed below. Or, if you would like to learn more about giving to the Department of Neurological Surgery, please contact UW Medicine Advancement at (206) 543-5686 or

Thank you very much for your interest in our work.


Our Priority Funds

Neurological Surgery Discretionary Fund (NEURDI)

Caring for our patients and for the health of our community is a tremendously important part of our work. By giving to this fund, you will help the department support patients and its teaching and research mission. Funds are used at the discretion of the chair of the department.

Neurosciences Institute Fund (NEURIN)

To support education, research and clinical care at the Neurosciences Institute.

Neurological Surgery Summer Student Program Fund (NSSUMM)

Every summer, the Department of Neurological Surgery at UW Medicine invites a group of college and high-school students to observe leading-edge neurosurgical care while being mentored by world-class scientists. In doing so, we want to inspire and educate students in ways that will ignite their passion for exploration and discovery. We hope students will feel so enthused about what they have learned that they will pursue an academic career in research, medicine or nursing — careers needed to support our nation’s healthcare system. Learn more about the program here.

Neurosurgery Residency Fund (NERESI)

The future of neurological surgery will be determined by the doctors, researchers, and other medical professionals who come to UW Medicine for training. Your gift will help the department support resident training.

Neurological Surgery Gifts Fund (NSGIFT)

In supporting this fund, you’ll help researchers in the Department of Neurological Surgery to investigate the causes of and potential treatments for neurological diseases and disorders.

Other Neurological Surgery Funds

Thank You!