Required Clerkships

NEUR S 655 & 665 – Neuroscience Clerkship

(Offered: Autumn, Winter, Spring – 4 Weeks, 8 credits full time only)

We are excited to offer UW medical students the opportunity to fulfill their Neuroscience clerkship requirement by rotating in Neurological Surgery. This clerkship will provide an introductory exposure to Neurosurgery, and features a lecture series surveying the main components of Neurosurgical specialties. During this rotation, students will learn a practical form of the neurological exam to be used during the rest of their career. Students will expand upon their understanding of the basic physiology of the nervous system and explore critical concepts in the diagnosis, pathophysiology, and treatment of neurosurgical disorders. This 4-week rotation includes inpatient and outpatient neurosurgical practices, OR exposure, and weekly conferences/didactics.

Neurological Surgery Required Clerkship Course Page

Site Information

NEUR S 655 - Spokane
See details here , provided by the Spokane Clerkship Administrators.

NEUR S 665 - Seattle
This rotation will include three weeks at Harborview Medical Center and one week at Seattle Children's Hospital. Credentialing instructions:

Harborview Medical Center
If you do not have HMC access, notify clerkship administrator at least four weeks before your rotation begins to ensure that hospital privileges will be ready when you arrive.

Seattle Children's Hospital
The Clerkship Coordinator at SCH will contact you for training and will provide instructions regarding parking and getting a badge on your first day. Please follow all instructions from the site to ensure you will have hospital access.



Course contact:
Julie Bould
Clerkship Coordinator
Office: 206-897-5732