Weekly Faculty Lecture Series

Weekly lectures are designed to allow scientists, engineers, and physicians to introduce areas of research to students through discoveries in science and advances in technology, as well as to impart basic clinical knowledge and experience. Faculty presentations give students an unparalleled opportunity to hear about clinical practice and research directly from the faculty engaged in those efforts. The experience also shows successful models for students to follow when considering career directions and pathways. Many students have commented on this element as an exceptionally positive aspect to the program. These lectures often inspire students to read and go beyond the lecture hall to become continuous self-learners.

The following are examples of lectures alumni have attended:

Christine Mac Donald, PhD

  • “Getting into Science and Medicine: The resume/cv/email/interview road to Acceptance”
  • “Advanced MRI methods: Application of imaging methods to TBI”

Courtney Crane, PhD

  • “Genetically engineered macrophages as a novel approach to treat brain tumor”
  • “Unique opportunities for adjuvant cell therapies in brain tumor patients”

Forrest Kievit, PhD

  • “Development of siRNA delivery nanovectors to improve upon the current treatment of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)”

Franck Kalume, PhD

  • “Interneuronopathy in Two Distinct Forms of Intractable Epilepsy!”
  • “Dravet Syndrome and Comorbidities”

James Pridgeon, MHA

  • “Global Health: Clinical Trials in Latin America”

Jan-Marino “Nino” Ramirez, PhD

  • “Neural development, from molecules to physiology, behavior, and disease”

Jeff Ojemann, MD

  • "Advances in Epilepsy Surgery”
  • “Insular Epilepsy Surgery”
  • “ECoG and Brain Computer Interfaces”

Michael Levitt, MD

  • “Intracranial aneurysms and computational fluid dynamics”
  • Professional Career Panel“The Nonlinear Path to Success”

Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, FACS

  • “TBI: Advocacy and Science”
  • “How to pursue a Neuroscience Career”
  •           “Future of the Surgeon Scientist”
  • “Concussion, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Sports”

Richard H. Adler, JD         

  • “The Zachary Lystedt Law and how Washington State legislation led to adoption of youth sport concussion safety laws nationally”

Richard Morrison, PhD

  • “Molecular pathways activated in neurons by injury and disease culminating in loss of mitochondrial function and cell death “

Robert Hevner, MD, PhD

  • “Transcription factors and their functions at specific stages of neuron differentiation”

Sam Browd, MD, PhD

  • “Connected Intelligence: Hacking Healthcare”
  • “Smart Shunts and New Technologies in Hydrocephalus Management”
  • “Hydrocephalus and development of new shunt designs to ensure long-term function for controlling intracranial pressure”

Zachary Stephen, PhD

  • “Nanoscale systems for targeted cancer therapy”
  • “Clinical use of Nanoparticles”

Dr. Jeff Ojemann with students  


Dr. Franck Kalume with students