TRACKTBI - Precision Medicine Pathomechanistic Classification of Traumatic Brain Injury: The Bridge to Targeted Therapies

We will utilize the existing TRACK-TBI infrastructure to develop and validate imaging and molecular (i) prognostic biomarkers (to identify patients at risk of poor outcome), (ii) predictive biomarkers (to identify patients likely to respond to particular therapies), or (iii) pharmacodynamic biomarkers (to demonstrate that a biologic response has occurred following therapeutic intervention).


We will deliver a Precision Medicine solution for TBI through our phased interrogation and validation studies (Aims 1 and 2) and clinical trial (Aim 3) that will identify and characterize candidate TBI-specific biomarkers, profiling them to specific TBI pathology and treatment effectiveness. TBI Precision Medicine will be guided by this individualized assessment of TBI pathology (e.g., DAI, MVI, neuroinflammation) and stage of recovery. Further, our phased Aims are designed to deliver predictive and pharmacodynamic characterization of therapeutics for patients stratified for response, with specifically targeted therapeutics that cross the BBB in response to specific brain injuries.

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University of California, San Francisco