Alumni Feedback - Testimonials

Brandon Carlson-Clarke (Class of 2018)

Being able to assist in the development of a cure for a violent real-world disease and collaborate with brilliant individuals was inspiring and has propelled me to excel.


Layla Jamil (Class of 2018)

I am currently still a student at UW but ever since finishing NSSSP, I have switched my degree from biology specializing in physiology to neuroscience.  I am excited to pursue this new major as I have been inspired and motivated by NSSSP... My current goals are to finish my degree in neuroscience from UW and then pursue medical school to become a doctor.  NSSSP inspired me to change my degree to neuroscience. 


Nelly Nouboussi (Class of 2018)

Since participating in NSSSP, I’ve presented the research conducted during the program at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS). It was an amazing experience. I participated in poster sessions and was able to explain my work in a limited amount of times to students and judges. I was very satisfied by how much I knew my topic and how interesting it was. I’ve also been a peer mentor for freshmen students, a biology tutor and a research assistant in a Global health project. When I graduate, I plan to attend medical school and residency to become a surgeon. … I hope to eventually return to my country (Cameroon) to work there and contribute to the development of a better medical/healthcare system.


Valeria Vazquez-Trejo (Class of 2018)

I want to become a doctor serving low-income, Latino and underrepresented communities like the one I grew up in — and now I’m considering adding research to the mix. I’m still deciding what kind of medicine to practice – I’m leaning toward pediatrics to give children an early start on good health. But I know I want to use my Spanish skills and research experience to help my patients.


Maddy Berkowitz-Cerasano (Class of 2017)

Since my amazing summer with the NSSSP program, I graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a double major in Religion and (with honors in) Neuroscience & Behavior. After graduating from Mount Holyoke, I accepted a position in Dr. David Moorman's neuroscience lab at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I have also applied to medical school and I am waiting to hear back!


Nazeli Acosta (Class of 2016)

I will never forget my NSSSP experience and will always credit any future success to my participation in this program since it played a major role in my decision to continue pursuing a career in medicine/engineering. Since NSSSP in 2016, I have gone on to complete a biomedical engineering research fellowship and shadow neurosurgeons at Mayo Clinic in 2017. I am currently at the Honors College at the University of Massachusetts - Lowell where I’m majoring in biomedical engineering and plan on focusing either on medical imaging/instrumentation or tissue engineering (regeneration). I always seek to fuse what I’m learning in biomedical engineering with neuroscience or neurosurgery.


Thi Nhu Y Doan (Class of 2016)

I have gained more confidence in reaching out to mentors since I had the chance to build a great relationship with my PI, Dr. Kalume through the program. My mentors have been instrumental in helping to shape my career and connecting me with folks to help further my educational goals.


Lauren Edwards (Class of 2016)

I attended NSSSP while I was an undergraduate, and I have since graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Psychology and Chemistry. I am currently a neuroimaging research assistant at UCSF's Memory and Aging Center in the Department of Neurology. Personally, I don't think I could have found a better fit for my interests than where I am now, and I do feel that the NSSSP program allowed me to develop the skills necessary to be here.


Lais Conceicao (Class of 2016)

NSSP gave me a great experience in both clinical and bench work and steered me towards pursuing the Neuroscience degree at the UW. This program gave me an understanding of the many ways one can do medical research, as I saw a spectrum from MD PhDs to doctors working in laboratories to PhDs only doing benchwork. It showed that there are many ways to contribute to science and healthcare and multiple paths to take.


Stephanie Ekey (Class of 2016)

I want to thank you again for the time you invested and support you provided in my educational career. I truly appreciate you writing me a recommendation letter for medical school last year. Your comments helped pave the way for a successful interview. I'm happy to inform you that this fall, I'll matriculate at UCSF School of Medicine! I feel ecstatic about the road ahead, and highly privileged to have this opportunity. I couldn't have done it without you!!


Luis Fernandez (Class of 2016)

My goal is to get my PA certification then come back to my community and help those who don't have insurance get affordable healthcare. Coming into the program as a freshman I was terrified, I had never been away from home and never on my own. This program helped me grow as a student, as a researcher, and as a person. Due to the program, I started thinking like a biologist even before I started any biology class in college. The research that I was a part of during the NSSSP was phenomenal and it taught me so much. One of the most important life lessons that I took from the program is the importance of having a diverse team. My lab was one of the most diverse teams I have ever been a part of even till this day. The way everyone contributed… opened my eyes to a new world of cultural awareness.