Transcranial Doppler


The cerebrovascular lab offers a variety of tests for the assessment of cerebrovascular disease. These tests are painless, require no patient preparation and give the neurosurgeon information concerning the blood vessels that supply the brain.

The Transcranial Doppler is an ultrasound technique used to assess blood flow in the cerebral arteries. A small ultrasound transducer is placed over various areas of your head or neck to show exact blood flow.


This test is useful in detecting:

  • Narrowing or blockage of blood vessels

  • Vasospasm in patients diagnosed with subarachnoid hemorrhage

Your neurosurgery team uses the information to determine appropriate care. This test is usually conducted within 24 hours after certain types of surgery and may be done routinely for several consecutive days thereafter.

Find out more at the Cerebrovascular Lab Site.

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