Endowed Funds


William Bradshaw Endowed Fund for epilepsy and central nervous system disorders research

To fund research in epilepsy or other disorders of the central nervous system.

Brain Tumor Research Fund

To support brain tumor and neuro oncology research in the Department of Neurological Surgery.

Cerebrovascular and Neuro Trauma Endowed Graduate Fellowship

To provide financial assistance to graduate students studying in the fields of Cerebrovascular & Neuro Trauma research or involved with clinical activities. Selection shall be based on academic merit with preference given to students who have demonstrated outstanding potential for scholarly and professional contributions in the field of Cerebrovascular and Neuro Trauma. This endowment was funded by generous gifts from Stan McNaughton, Chairman and Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of PEMCO and the PEMCO Foundation. 

Ellenbogen Family Endowed Fellowship Fund

To provide financial assistance to students pursuing research or educational opportunities in brain tumor research in the Department of Neurological Surgery. It is the Ellenbogens’ wish that students in neurological surgery have access to a lasting source of support to pursue their interests in brain tumor research.

Epilepsy and Post-Traumatic Brain Injury Research Endowed Fund

To support for the Department of Neurological Surgery in the area of epilepsy research and post-traumatic brain injury research.

David and Dominica Green Fellows and Residents Endowment in Neurological Surgery

To support fellows and residents in the Department of Neurological Surgery, specifically their out of pocket educational expenses e.g. books. David Green served as Administrator of the Department of Neurological Surgery from 1998 to 2007.  Mr. and Mrs. Green established the fund because they support the Department’s commitment to training the next generation of neurological surgeons to lead with cutting edge psychomotor skills, unsurpassed ethical behavior and continuously refined analytical abilities. Mr. Green is currently the Chief Financial Officer of the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Roy Hanson Endowed Fund for Spinal Cord Injury Research

To support medical research on spinal cord injury at Harborview Medical Center. This endowment was funded by a generous gift from Roy Allen Hanson who was born on September 29, 1919, in Casey, North Dakota, the fourth of eight children. Mr. Hanson served in the Navy during WWII. After the Navy, he was employed for many years with Northern Pacific and Burlington Northern RR's as a Master Machinist. Mr. Hanson passed away on September 23, 2014 in Lakewood, Washington.

Harry and Beulah “Bubbles” Johnstone Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Stroke Research

To provide support for research conducted through UW Medicine’s Department of Neurological Surgery related to the cause, treatments and preventive of strokes, with primary focus on hemorrhagic stroke when possible. Founded by a gift from Rudy Bezmarevich, this fellowship honors the memory of Tennessee native Harry Edwin Johnstone (1899-1980), self-made businessman and real estate investor and his Texas-born wife and business partner, Beulah M. “Bubbles” Taylor Johnstone (1906-1983). Bubbles and Harry had a strong interest in cardiovascular research as both underwent years of treatment for cardiovascular disease.

Karen and John Loeser Trainee Endowment in Neurological Surgery

To support trainees in the Department of Neurosurgery. Dr. and Mrs. Loeser are strong believers in the mission of the Department to educate the next generation of leaders in Neurological Surgery. It is their hope that this fund will facilitate the education of neurosurgery residents by providing them with funds for research and travel to supplement their residency training. As a resident who benefitted from such funds during his training in the Department from 1962 to 1967, Dr. Loeser would like to see the tradition continued.

Robert W. Lundeen Endowed Fund

To support resident training at the Department of Neurological Surgery. Growing up in rural Oregon, Robert W. Lundeen learned from his civic-minded parents the importance of volunteer work. The retired chairman of the Dow Chemical Co. and his late wife, Betty, embraced that ethic as they worked to increase access to quality health care for residents of rural communities. At UW Medicine, Mr. Lundeen continued his community involvement as a member of UW Medicine’s Scholarship and Student Support Committee and through a number of generous gifts to UW Medicine including to the Department of Neurological Surgery. Mr. and Mrs. Lundeen were especially supportive of medical students and trainees interested in practicing medicine in rural communities. Mr. Lundeen passed away in 2016.

Harry F. and Colleen B. Magnuson Endowed Neurological Surgery Fund

To enhance the University's ability to attract and retain distinguished faculty and initiate or expand new clinical and research programs or otherwise respond to emerging needs. This gift, made to the University of Washington in 2007, was motivated by Mr. and Mrs. Magnuson's gratitude to the Neurological Surgery Department’s former Chair, Dr. Richard Winn, for his professional assistance and his many personal acts of kindness. Colleen Magnuson was very active in several arts organizations in the state of ldaho. She served as a member of the Idaho Commission on the Arts for eight years and, in 1994, received the Governor’s Award for Support of the Arts. Harry Magnuson, a native Idahoan and member of a pioneer Idaho family, was a prominent North Idaho businessman. Following his service in the US Navy during World War II, he obtained a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Harvard and founded his own accounting firm, H.F. Magnuson & Company, which he ran for 60 years. Mr. Magnuson passed away in 2009 and Mrs. Magnuson passed away in 2015.

Stanley O. McNaughton Neurological Surgery Endowed Fund

To provide discretionary support for the Department of Neurological Surgery at Harborview Medical Center. In April 1998, the administration of Harborview Medical Center designated some of the proceeds for the 1997 Salute Harborview gala sponsored in part by PEMCO to establish this endowed fund to honor Stanley O. McNaughton. During his lifetime, Mr. McNaughton was an outstanding Seattle business leader and advocate for corporate philanthropy. As a patient of the Department of Neurological Surgery, he supported the department’s efforts in increasing public awareness of stroke risk factors and in purchasing equipment to support its research efforts.

Neurosurgery Research Fund

To provide funding for research, training and teaching programs of the Department of Neurological Surgery. This endowment was made possible through the generosity of Dennis and Sue Beetham and Dr. James R. Atkinson among others.

George A. and Linda M. Ojemann Family Endowment for Neurological Surgery Innovation

To provide support for innovative, patient-oriented translational research projects being conducted by residents or trainees in the Department of Neurological Surgery.

David and Mara Pitkethly Endowed Residency and Fellowship Fund in Neurosurgery

To support Residents and Fellows in the Department of Neurological Surgery. Dr. and Mrs. Pitkethly have been devoted to the UW Department of Neurological Surgery since Dr. Pitkethly joined the Department in 1999. They endowed this fund to show their appreciation for the joy and enlightenment that the residents and fellows bring them.

Sherry and James Raisbeck Spine Surgery Support Fund

To provide support for the spine surgery program within the Department of Neurological Surgery, specifically for the use of advancing the work of the Hofstetter Lab. James and Sherry Raisbeck, who are major supporters and friends of UW Medicine, were inspired to make this gift to support the spinal surgery program, in part out of their respect for Dr. Christoph Hofstetter. Dr. Hofstetter, who is a faculty member, clinician, and the Director of the Hofstetter Lab, specializes in complex spine surgery.

Michael J. Sayeski Endowed Fellowship Fund

To provide financial assistance to students pursuing research or educational opportunities in brain tumor research in the Department of Neurological Surgery. This fund was established in 2006 by Debi Fritz, currently Director of the Coulter Service Excellence Program at UW Medicine, and her husband Micah. It is named for her nephew, Michael J. Sayeski, born September 9, 1999, who underwent treatment for a brain tumor in Florida but who has also benefited from consultations by UW physicians. He has been monitored since he was 2 years old when a brain lesion was discovered. Three years later, his physicians noticed that his tumor had started to grow. His family arranged a consultation with the UW Medicine Brain Tumor Board and Dr. Richard G. Ellenbogen, chair of the Department of Neurological Surgery, both of whom confirmed the diagnosis and treatment options proposed by the Florida physicians. Eileen and Peter Sayeski, Michael's parents, his sister, Heather, and Steven and Marilyn Morabito, Michael's grandparents, have contributed to the success of the endowment, and it is everyone's hope that Michael will live to see the cure for all brain tumors, especially those affecting young children.

Frank and Penelope Webster Endowed Research Fund in Neurological Surgery

To support stem cell research and other basic science research in the Department of Neurological Surgery.  Frank Norman Webster was born in Quetta, British India on April 16, 1934 into a military family: his father and both paternal and maternal grandfathers were soldiers. He was educated at Enfield Grammar School in North London and joined the army when he was fifteen and a half.  He retired as a Colonel in 1980 having served over 31 years. He immigrated to the United States with his wife Penny in 1981 and settled in Seattle. After a short stint as an antiques dealer, he took a professional staff position at the University of Washington as the Administrator of the Department of Neurological Surgery at the School of Medicine. Colonel Webster retired from the UW in 1999 and sadly passed away in 2021.

Steve and Dixie Wilson Sports Institute Endowed Support Fund

To provide support for the Sports Institute Husky Fellowship program, an internship program that offers Husky student-athletes a unique and diverse experience in potential career paths in sports and physical activity. The Sports Institute Husky Fellowship prepares student-athletes for life after competition and reflects UW Athletics’ commitment to supporting sports safety efforts and enhancing experiential opportunities for their student-athletes.