Winter 2022 Newsletter

What a year it has been! “Resilience” is a term that frankly underestimates the performance by our faculty, residents, nurses, APP’s, administrative staff and students. This newsletter is just a sampling of Neurological Surgery’s positive news, earned by hard work, great ideas and a superb team spirit.

Summer 2021 Newsletter

We say goodbye to graduating Chief Residents and welcome new residents, fellows, and faculty. Provocative reports by our students and residents identify ethnic medical disparities in our cancer patients and the diversity of our surgical house officers. We celebrate faculty promotions and NIH and Foundation Grants earned by our neurological surgeons, neuroscientists and residents.

Winter-Spring 2021 Newsletter

Sustained by dedication to our mission and each other, our team traversed the immensely challenging year of 2020. Resilience, perseverance and the ability to adapt and outmaneuver any obstacle can be seen in research articles on the effect of COVID on our patients and practice, and through the celebration of a new professorship for Dr. Kim, numerous grant awards and new members joining our team.