Meningioma tumors arise from one of the layers of the meninges, the protective tissue covering the brain. They are usually benign, slow growing and do not spread into normal brain tissue. A meningioma usually grows inward causing pressure on the brain or spinal cord. Meningiomas can be removed surgically with less chance of losing hearing or facial nerve function. Follow the link to read a detailed article for patients on meningiomas.

The neuro-oncology program of UW Medicine and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) provides the best possible patient-focused care for patients with brain or spinal cord tumors. We combine the most skilled, experienced and dedicated team with the most successful brain cancer treatments in an environment designed for the needs of our patients.

We take care of brain and spinal cord tumor patients from birth to old age and follow patients long-term. We also support clinical and basic brain cancer research and education, which improves the lives of our patients. Our goals include advancing the standard of brain cancer care, regionally and nationally. The neuro-oncology program of UW Medicine and SCCA has been a one-of-a-kind asset for brain cancer care in the Northwest for decades.