John R. Silber, PhD

Portrait of John R. Silber, PhD
Job Title
Research Professor Emeritus of Neurological Surgery

I have a long-standing interest in DNA-repair-mediated resistance to alkylating agents and radiation in human brain tumors, and have directed a number of translationally relevant projects that investigate strategies to circumvent resistance. I have broad training and experience in DNA repair, radiobiology and DNA replication, and a long history of directing NIH- and foundation-funded grants key research areas for our proposal.

I maintain long-term collaborations with faculty at UW and other institutions who provide critical reagents and experimental expertise. To maintain clinical relevance, I attend the weekly neuro-oncology tumor board and interact with the physicians in my department.

I am the principal investigator of the Neuro-Oncolgy Tissue Bank and am responsible for the storage of specimens and the collection of relevant clinical data.

Research Interests

Dr. Silber's research interests focus on DNA repair-mediated mechanisms of brain tumor resistance to radiation and drugs. His research focuses on the contribution of DNA repair mechanisms to the drug and radiation resistance of human gliomas. With evidence that one repair enzyme, apurinic endonuclease, is predictive of time to tumor progression after radiation or alkylating agent chemotherapy, the effect of pharmacologically inhibiting this enzyme is being evaluated. His research has received support from multiple NIH grants.


Doctorate of Philosophy

University of Florida

Post-doctoral Studies

University of Washington


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