Daniel L. Silbergeld, M.D.

Portrait of Daniel L. Silbergeld, M.D.
Job Title
Arthur A. Ward Jr. Professor of Neurological Surgery

Dr. Silbergeld is the Arthur A. Ward Jr. professor of neurological surgery and is based at the UW Medical Center. He is also an adjunct professor of pathology. He specializes in tumors of the central nervous system, pituitary tumors, epilepsy surgery and radiosurgery with the Gamma Knife. He is board certified in neurological surgery. 

His research program focuses on gliomas, a type of brain tumor, and on methods to break the blood/brain barrier to deliver chemotherapy to malignant brain tumors.

Clinical Interest

Brain tumors; epilepsy surgery; functional brain mapping for language, movement and sensation; pituitary tumors, gamma knife radiosurgery.

Research Interests

Glioma invasion and motility; the use of high-intensity focused ultrasound to temporarily disrupt the blood-brain barrier to enable delivery of chemotherapeutic agents to brain tumors.

Personal Interests

Fly fishing, working out and spending time with my family.


Medical Education

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


University of Washington


University of Washington


University of Washington

Board Certification
American Board of Neurological Surgery - 1995
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