Acoustic Neuromas (Vestibular Schwannomas)

The acoustic neuroma, or vestibular neuroma, is a common tumor of the skull base. Through the years, many surgeons have developed different approaches to its treatment. More and more, these approaches have been modified with a common goal in mind: tumor control with preservation of facial and hearing function and minimal side effects.

Reaching that goal requires expert surgical teamwork, sophisticated nerve monitoring, skilled neuro-anesthesia, intensive nursing, and rehabilitation therapy. It is possible to achieve that goal in the majority of cases because tumors are now being detected at earlier and smaller stages of development thanks to magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI. Follow the link to read a detailed article for patients on acoustic neuromas.

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We take care of brain and spinal cord tumor patients from birth to old age and follow patients long-term. We also support clinical and basic brain cancer research and education, which improves the lives of our patients. Our goals include advancing the standard of brain cancer care, regionally and nationally. The neuro-oncology program of UW Medicine and SCCA has been a one-of-a-kind asset for brain cancer care in the Northwest for decades.

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