Dr. Christine Mac Donald interviewed on KARE 11 News about Traumatic Brain Injury in soldiers

KARE 11 News in Minnesota featured a story on Associate Professor Christine Mac Donald's recent findings that question the medical belief that those with traumatic brain injuries stabilize in the year following their injury. Her research shows that a large number of service members with TBIs declined instead.

Dr. Christine Mac Donald discusses her findings on traumatic brain injury in soldiers on KING 5 news

Dr. Christine Mac Donald, Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery, was interviewed on KING 5 about her work that suggests brain injuries in soldiers can change or grow worse over time, rather than the accepted belief that they eventually stabilize.

Wounded Mount Vernon police officer sent home after being successfully treated at Harborview

On February 14th, Officer Mike McClaurghy returned home after a miraculous recovery from a gun shot wound to the head. Neurological Surgery Professor and Chair Richard Ellenbogen, who oversaw Officer McClaurghy's treatment, was interviewed for the story.