Jessica Eaton, MD

Portrait of Jessica Eaton, MD
Job Title
Resident, PGY-6

Jessica was born in Plano, Texas and grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. She studied physics and English in college and was a member of the inaugural class of James Brown Graham Fellows, a scholarship that supports students to pursue yearly enrichment experiences. Through this program she studied and volunteered in Panama, Greece, Thailand, Nigeria, and India. Through these experiences she identified an interest in global health, and in medical school she was awarded a Fulbright-Fogarty Fellowship to spend a year building a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury database in Lilongwe, Malawi under the mentorship of Dr. Anthony Charles. Her husband Michael is an accomplished runner, and was named an All-American in the 10K during their time at the University of Louisville. He has since become a two-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier. Jessica and Michael like to spend their free time camping in national parks, wine tasting, and discussing Wendell Berry’s essays.    

Select awards and honors  

AANS/CNS Section on Trauma and Critical Care Poster Competition Finalist, 2017 

Gold Humanism Honor Society Inductee, 2017 

Fulbright-Fogarty Fellowship in Public Health to Malawi, 2016-2017  

Lily Banerjee Endowment Scholarship, 2015-2016 

Global Health Distinction Track Selection, Class of 2017 

James Graham Brown Fellow, University of Louisville: Class of 2013 

Engage Lead Serve Board Award for Outstanding Leadership, 2013 

The Hershberg Academic Scholarship, 2011

Clinical Interest
Research Interests

Jessica’s primary academic interests include functional outcomes following traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, and delivery of health care for these issues in low-resource settings.


Bachelor of Arts, Physics and English, 2013, University of Louisville 

Doctor of Medicine, 2018, University of Louisville School of Medicine 


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