Eliza Baird-Daniel, MD

Baird-Daniel Staff Portrait
Job Title
Resident, PGY-4

Eliza was born and raised in Seattle, WA. She attended Cornell University where she majored in neurobiology and performed research in the neural mechanisms of trial-and-error learning. After graduating, Eliza researched the spatiotemporal dynamics of seizure propagation in the Dr. Theodore Schwartz Lab at Weill Cornell Medicine before matriculating to The University of Colorado School of Medicine. In her spare time, Eliza enjoys trail running, backpacking, and maximizing time spent in the mountains. 

Clinical Interest

Functional Neurosurgery, Pediatrics

Research Interests

Movement disorders, motor learning, seizure disorders, health disparities 

Personal Interests

Medical education, diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM, all things outdoors.  


Bachelor of Arts, Neurobiology and Animal Behavior, 2015, Cornell University 

Doctor of Medicine, 2021, University of Colorado School of Medicine 

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