Summer Research Experience in Translational Neuroscience and Neurological Surgery

The primary goal of our summer research program is to immerse a selected group of 6 high school students and 6 undergraduates in a translational environment of basic neuroscience, neural engineering, and neurological surgery. Participants in this program will be recruited by announcing our program through science departments at local high schools, community colleges, colleges and universities.

Special efforts will be made to recruit individuals from underrepresented groups through five different outreach programs including Rainier Scholars, DO-IT, Washington MESA, Seattle University & AMARA, and our own Native American Outreach Program. Coordinated recruitment through these programs will ensure that we will have participants from groups including individuals who are African Americans, Hispanic Latinos, Native Americans, children from families where there is no experience with college education and the opportunities that arise there from, disadvantaged (e.g. physical, sensory deprived, learning disorders), and have fostering experiences.

Through their summer experiences participants will gained self assurance and confidence that will enable them to take advantage of educational opportunities, will have a better understanding of the scientific process, challenges of translating basic research to clinical application, will provide them with mentors that can become part of their continuing interest in their education and may lead to careers in science, engineering, and/or medicine.

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Sponsor: NIH/NINDS