The Mourad Lab

The Mourad Lab's active areas of research and development involve the medical applications of physics.   The primary focus is ultrasound and recently, near-IR and terahertz radiation. 

This includes experimenting and modeling of general medical ultrasound as well as ultrasound imaging of tissue stiffness, of blood flow distributions, and of (painful) sensation distributions to improve the diagnosis and hence treatment of conditions of the central and peripheral nervous system.  Other areas include modulation of brain function with ultrasound and terahertz imaging systems for assaying the status of skin burns.


Specific Research Areas

  1. Mourad PD as PI, with Marzban C (APL), Chesnut R (Neurosurgery), Vladimir Schwartz (St. Petersburg, Russia) and PhysioSonics, Inc. Use of ultrasound to non-invasively measure intracranial pressure and cerebral perfusion pressure; automation of transcranial Doppler. Hypothesis #1: transcranial Doppler imaging and arterial blood pressure data can combine into predictive algorithms for critical neurological medical variables that currently require a neurosurgical procedure to implement. Hypothesis #2: palpation or vibration of brain with ultrasound correlates with intracranial pressure. Hypothesis #3: automatic TCD (aTCD) can improve monitoring of vasospasm

  2. Mourad PD as PI, with Friedly J, Gellhorn A (Rehab Medicine), Jarvik GA (Radiology), Loeser J (Neurosurgery), Chudler E, Gofeld M, Richebee P, Terman G (Anesthesiology). Use of ultrasound to differentially diagnose sources of pain. Hypothesis: intense focused ultrasound under image guidance can map the distribution of sensations in a patient in pain to localize painful tissue pathology, to track their treatment, to assay the extent of central sensitization, to localize peripheral nerves to facilitate induction of regional anesthesia.

  3. Arbabi H as PI (APL), Winebrenner DP (APL) and Mourad PD. Application of terahertz radiation for grading & diagnosis of burns. Hypothesis: images of burns created with terahertz radiation can determine the extent of desiccated versus well-vascularized tissue in skin burns.

  4. Mourad PD as PI, Murphy S, Moore A and Morrison R (Neurological Surgery), Beauchamp N (Chair of Radiology), Kucewicz J (APL), Stone J and Salzar R (UVA). Imaging endogenous and exogenous brain-tissue displacement patterns for the case of traumatic brain injury. Hypothesis: hemorrhage, edema, diffuse axonal injury each have different ranges of shear and bulk modulus compared to normal brain tissue, quantities that our analysis of ultrasound backscatter from that tissue can translate into images of damaged tissue. Such differences can form the basis of brain imaging with a field-deployable ultrasound device

  5. Mourad PD as PI, Kucewicz J (APL), Stone JR (UVA), Tyler WJ (Virginia Tech). Functional ultrasound imaging via mapping of endogenous brain-tissue displacement. Hypothesis: Novel analysis of transcranial ultrasound can produce maps of brain function.

  6. Pun S (Bioengineering) as PI, with Mourad PD, Silbergeld DL, Horner P and Levitt M (Neurosurgery), Opening the blood-brain barrier (BBB) with ultrasound for therapeutic purposes. Hypothesis: ultrasound in the presence of acoustic contrast agents can optimize delivery of therapeutic or diagnostic agents.

  7. Mourad PD as PI and Browd SR and Ellenbogen RG (Neurosurgery). Ultrasound-guided disposable catheter for external ventricular drainage. Hypothesis: intrinsically deployed ultrasound guided catheters optimally emplace within cerebral ventricles.

  8. Mourad PD and Tyler WJ (Virginia Tech University) Neuromodulation of brain function targeted and monitored by ultrasound. Hypothesis: focused and nearly diagnostic ultrasound can transiently, and repeatedly, activate central neuronal circuits.

  9. Mourad PD, Hevner B (Neurosurgery) and King BR (UW Psychiatry). Assay of ability of diagnostic ultrasound delivered in utero to alter the behavior of mice after their birth. Hypothesis: diagnostic ultrasound delivered in utero alters the structure of the central nervous system with behavioral consequences.

Picture of brain imaging headset
A Lab Technician working in the Mourad Lab
Investigators/ Researchers
Research Questions

Broadly speaking, Dr. Mourad performs applied and basic research involving physics, especially ultrasound and, emergently, electromagnetic radiation, focused primarily on applications to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Dr. Mourad's work is always motivated by clinical problems.

Research Highlights
  • Ability to predict cerebral perfusion pressure, as shown on humans.

  • Automated transcranial Doppler into commercialization.

  • Developing maps of brain-tissue stiffness, in vivo.

  • Developing a non-invasive evocative test to aid the in the localization and diagnosis of pain, also on its way to commercialization.

  • Demonstration of drug flux into brain facilitated by ultrasound.

Research Methods
  • Experimental (in vitro, ex vivo, in vivo, and human based studies) methods supporting medical applications of physics (primarily ultrasound, also including THz radiation, near-infrared spectroscopy).

  • Biological effects of ultrasound.

  • Translational research as a field of study and its concrete practice, including generation of companies and intellectual property.

Bibliography of Selected Publications


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