TBI Endpoints Development (TED) UW

In this study we will utilize the infrastructure of the recently funded NIH TRACK-TBI Consortium (Transforming Research and Clinical Knowledge in TBI, U01 NS086090) and the VA and DoD joined forces to fund the CENC (Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium, PT 120517) to provide the infrastructure to perform supplemental follow-up assessments during Years 3 and 4 of the TED grant. These supplements will allow a subset of TRACK-TBI and CERN sites to upgrade subjects from Basic Assessments that had been planned during project Year 4 to undergo the Comprehensive Assessments + MRIs during Year 3 and 4 of TED. In addition, a subset of patients will undergo Tau PET scans and studies with other emerging technologies that are selected for validation during the Phase I Consensus Conferences. The supplement will provide additional support for other research personnel to compensate for additional effort to coordinate enrollment and schedule follow-up neurocognitive studies; research subject stipends; and transportation as brain injured patients may be unable to drive; and the costs of the neuroimaging studies.

Principal Investigator(s)