Rajiv Saigal, MD, PhD

Portrait of Rajiv Saigal M.D., Ph.D.
Job Title
Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery

Dr. Saigal is an Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery at UW. In addition to general neurosurgery, he specializes in complex spine surgery, including spinal deformity, spinal tumors, minimally invasive techniques, spinal cord injury, and neurotrauma. 

Dr. Saigal completed neurosurgery residency at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). There he trained with international leaders in spinal deformity and spinal tumors. He then completed an orthopedic spine deformity fellowship at Scripps and the San Diego Spine Foundation, gaining expertise in less invasive techniques for spinal deformity. He completed a second spine fellowship at the University of Miami, gaining further expertise in minimally invasive spine surgery, including endoscopic fusion. 

Prior to UCSF, Dr. Saigal completed a PhD in medical engineering at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology and an MD at the Tufts University School of Medicine. He also has a B.Sc. with highest honors in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech and a M.Sc. in biomedical engineering from Aalborg University in Denmark. He is the recipient of numerous awards for research, teaching, and leadership, including the Boldrey Young Investigator Award, UCSF Neurosurgery Research and Rosegay awards, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, and Whitaker Graduate Research Fellowship.

Clinical Interest

Spinal deformity; scoliosis; spinal tumors; spinal cord injury; spine trauma; traumatic brain injury; degenerative spine disease; lumbar stenosis; cervical stenosis; cervical myelopathy

Research Interests

Dr. Saigal is a clinician-scientist in the Department of Neurological Surgery. In addition to clinical research in spine surgery and neurotrauma, he conducts pre-clinical translational research. His laboratory focuses on use of biomaterials and drug delivery systems for treatment of spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury.

Personal Interests

Martial arts, football, snowboarding, and travel


Medical Education

Tufts University School of Medicine


University of California, San Francisco


University of California, San Francisco


San Diego Spine Foundation, Scripps

University of Miami

Board Certification
American Board of Neurological Surgery - 2020
Contact Information


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